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Mar 13

Energy Planet Directory

Posted in Energy Industry

Energy PlanetA brand new energy directory has been creating quite a buzz in the online community. The stated goal of the Energy Planet is to provide a useful web directory of renewable energy websites and to help bring people and energy information together in a visual and interactive way. For visitors they provide an attractive and easy to navigate catalog of research tools, complete with previews and ratings. For webmasters they focus on providing targeted site exposure and increased search engine visibility.

One of the first things I noticed about this site was the simplicity. Main energy categories are listed on the main page in three columns. All of the major alternative energy sources are listed there including geothermal, ocean, wind, solar and even wood energy! Each main subject has sub-directories for topics like news, blogs, forums and do it yourself websites.

It looks like they update popularity stats on a daily basis. Visitors can vote on each listing, and traffic statistics help sort the best websites to the top of the list (although they do give preferential treatment to link partners).

The most addictive part of the directory is the Snap Preview effect that happens when you hover the mouse over each site (just like the external links on this site). You could spend hours browsing the directory’s massive collection of websites, without ever leaving their directory. In a sense they allow you to window-shop the web for alternative energies.

These days the small do-it-yourself type websites don’t stand a chance at getting found on the major search engines unless they devote all of their time trying to do just that. Most don’t have the time, they are too busy making great websites. The Energy Planet does an amazing job of putting both big and small energy resources together in one place so they can be seen and explored.

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