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Jul 01

eCRP Electric Motorcycle Launches for TTXGP

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eCRP Electric Motorcycle A trip around the eCRP plant headquarters at Modena: The eCRP is the first of its kind of purpose-built electric superbikes, and today it is pitting against the legendary gas-powered Ducati, MV Agusta et al in the Italian TTXGP. With classic gorgeous looks and efficiently designed high performing parts, Moto2 bikes are packed with top-notch specifications. Agni 95 DC twin motors, battery packs from 7.4KWh, Marzocchi D.43 Superbike forks, CRP-built aluminum cast alloy Chassis and other features make the eCRP 1.2 a great bike. CRP has strictly adhered to the TTXGP rules and specifications in the making of eCRP 1.2.

Past Masters:

For the past 4 decades, critical parts for Formula 1 and top Italian supercars and MotoGP have been manufactured by CRP. This experience has played an important role in the manufacture of eCRP bikes.

Individually manufactured components:

CRP makes all the needed parts individually – a wide range of them – not from molds or samples – but separately from selective laser sintering machine. These are made from Windform – a polyamide carbon blend material – unique to the CRP – as per the specifications of the racing teams overnight to be ready for the next morning.

CRP – the company:

CRP is a family-owned company, managed by two generations of Cevolini family and today, Roberto Cevolini the founder is still keenly interested in their Moto2 bike working. Daughter, Livia Cevolini is CRP’s Marketing & Sales Director, son, Franco Cevolini is the Chairman & Technical Director, and CRP Racing’s managing director is Giampiero Testoni.

Exodus to TTXGP:

It makes interesting copy to read how CRP got involved with TTXGP. Actually the prohibitive cost of electric car racing has greatly influenced CRP to take an interest in the Italian TTXGP. A discussion between the CRP’s Marketing & Technical Director, Livia Cevolini and the TTXGP Founder, Azhar Hussain has been instrumental in pursuing CRP to join TTXGP. And now CRP is involved in manufacturing the bikes as well in TTXGP organizational details.

The future:

Looking at the great design and still greater specifications, and the capacity for speed, one can come to the conclusion that the future races will be between the fast and super fast bikes.

  • Jos Conil

    A laudable initiative by a racing bike company!

  • Howard Butts

    Electric bikes are a great way to get around, quietly,no one cares where you park it if it do-sent make a mess, a electric cord no one cares if you plug it in,how much juice can it take.Sound great to me and it is soooo quick off the line.

  • Wendell Ellison

    Finally! Something with a high fun-to-green ratio. Now, if they can produce a cruiser variant, I just might bite.

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