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Jun 22

Dock Here for Clean Renewable Solar Energy!

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Dock Here This can very well happen in the near future with billboards advertising – bold and strong, beckoning electric vehicles for recharging. Already in Berlin-Adlershof, this is happening. The largest independently functioning solar charging station is offering high-quality, computerized and completely safe kind of solar charging to electrical cars. Electric-power cars’ handicap – finding a place for recharging on the run – is now being conquered by this power refill station. Precise calculated billing, electronic identification for access and automatic safety flaps are added attractions. And no queues to bug you! At a time, eight vehicles can be recharged!

Components of solar station:

What makes this station so unique? Three great components – a mover to generate electricity, a battery to store the power efficiently and an intelligent and totally computerized connector system -for charging and billing – add to up to make this station come true.

1. Mover:

A biaxial photovoltaic 12-module generator which follows the sun generating 40% more energy than normal mono-axial systems – from Solon stable.

2. Storage Unit:

A vanadium redox flow battery acting as storehouse to store 100kWh that is capable of providing 10kW at any time – an ideal storage anywhere for any kind of renewable energy – be it solar, biomass or wind generated.

3. Electrical Connector/charging system – Completely computerized:

A unique system with software to monitor the outlet and manage the charging very optimally and particularly intelligently. A GSM modem to control the flow of communication between the external services. Individually accessible outlet socket modules, with motorized flap and other electronic gadgetry, to do the billing precisely and accurately identifying the user.

Charges all electrically driven vehicles:

This stand-alone charging station provides clean renewable solar energy charges not just for cars, but for all electric vehicles. Quite a few Vectrix electric scooters are running merrily on the city roads and Solon Campus used by Solon staff.

A combined effort:

The solar charging station, Younicos turnkey offer, is the fruit of the combined efforts of Solon’s Photovoltaic power plant, Cellstrom’s Vanadium Redox flow battery, and Younico’s intelligent charging system. All hands to let the fossils stay put in peace and the world run on cleaner CO2-free energy!

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