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Dec 21

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Alternative Energies2007 is set to be an exciting year for the online alternative energy community. Our technical Guru has just completed preliminary work on our new alternative energy forums. This latest edition to our renewable energy resources completes our planned site upgrades for 2007. Visitors will now have the ability to post topics and discuss renewables and future energy solutions. We welcome new users to register an account and start discussing renewable energy right away! Many of the discussion boards are currently empty and awaiting their first posts. Merry Christmas!

Alternative Energy Forum

While most of the discussions topics revolve around the topic of renewable energy, we have included some extra categories for discussion about related topics such as the environment and global development. We are open to suggestions for new categories or other site related issues and we are dedicated to improving our resources as much as possible (based on visitor requests). Make a suggestion (requires registration).

We have incorporated some extra features that we hope will enhance the experience for registered users. Once logged in, users can share information about themselves such as their contact info, website links and location. Other features include the ability to upload or link to your personal avatar image (visible only to registered users). Alternatively you can choose from our in-house avatar gallery, which will be continually updated as we create new icons.


We have now upgraded the forums and moved them to their permanent home. (April 6, 2007)