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Dell Installs Solar Trees in HQ Parking Lot, posted in Industry, Solar Power, Transportation.

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Dell Installs Solar Trees in HQ Parking Lot

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November 17th, 2009 - View Comments

Dell Solar Trees Two things are certain for the future: electric cars will become more popular and solar power will continue to grow as a viable source of energy. Because of this, the world is looking to industry leaders not only in the energy business, but to other major corporations that can have a major impact on the world’s power usage. Dell has stepped up to the plate and hopefully the Dell solar trees parking lot is a sign of greater things to come. The Dell solar parking lot by Envision Solar is a very innovative way that Dell has implemented solar powered lights and it is something that is immediately making an impact. The solar trees serve not only the purpose of gathering the suns energy as a viable energy source, but even provides shade over about 50 parking spaces as well! The lot was made viewable from the highway so Dell can let everyone know that solar power is the way to go.

YouTube: Envision Solar Trees | More Videos

In addition to providing shade for 50 lucky vehicles, the dell solar trees parking lot is self powered. The electric that is generated via the sun’s rays is stored and can be used to light the parking lot as night settles in. When you think of how much energy is used on a daily basis in parking lots around the world, the money and energy that could be saved by using something similar to the Dell solar tree parking lot is staggering.

Not only can the Dell solar trees run off of its own electricity, it also has the ability to provide power to charging stations for those that are using electric cars. Now imagine the world in the very near future when electric cars are more prevalent and having the ability to charge your car every day at work for free! This is something that could be a deal breaker in the working world for those that are being wined and dined by perspective employers.

Solar energy is here to stay and the solar tree parking lot is yet another great example of how solar lighting and solar power in general is being put to better use. To think that it took this long to think of a legitimate way to for outdoor solar lighting to be put to a use that would help both the world and people in general is simply amazing. Hopefully other companies will run with the idea that Dell has started and lots similar to the parking lot will start to pop up in business lots and shopping malls across the globe.

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  • Matthew

    I think this is a smart thing to start doing but the concern that i see is when we all start driving these electric powered cars is that going to defeat the purpose of having them there to light the parking lot at night. Exactly how much energy is used?

  • Solar panels and shading

    Very interesting that the “shade” is more valuable than the electricity generated by the solar panels. Is that because we love our cars so much?

  • Thabo Leonard

    My dream is to facilitate the transition to clean energy in Africa. I earnestly seek partners from the developed world. Please connect with those who are driving the solar revolution and have the desire to venture into Africa.

    Solar energy is great! And a world-wide exploitation of this energy would certainly usher a new phase of evolution on this planet.

    Thank you
    Thabo Leonard, South Africa

  • Bruce Rhodes

    One of the earliest uses of solar was in the African country of Mali, for the use of pumping water. Solar can be used as a tool for local empowerment. Solar is very important in all developed and un-developed nations.

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