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Nov 11

Converting waste into a renewable energy sources

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Waste Renewable Energy Consider a technology that not only keeps your surroundings clean it also produces renewable energy at a low cost. Wheelabrator Technologies Inc., a U.S. pioneer for municipal waste-to-energy technology, wants to make sure that your waste doesn’t go waste. Literally. Wheelabrator’s waste-to-energy facilities produce steam and electricity by burning large quantities of municipal trash and they have been using this proven and time-tested mass-burn technology to produce energy for the past 100 years!

Now this is a company that understood the significance of renewable sources of energy quite a long time ago, back in 1908 and became the first company of its kind to produce the most efficient industrial cleaning and emissions capture technology. They opened their first commercially viable facility in the US in 1975.

There is one thing in this world that we have got in abundance — waste. Large expanses of land are being consumed by mounting heaps of garbage and waste and this waste simply lies there creating tons of pollution and wasting precious land resources. A majority of this garbage is destined to pollute the planet for thousands of years, non-stop. Toxic wastes like glass, processed chemicals, plastics and foams and poisonous gases are perpetually released upon the land and into the air, rivers and seas and they are irreversibly damaging the ecosystem.

Managing municipal waste has always been a huge problem for various US corporations and due to stringent environmental laws in almost all the states it is mandatory that they have a functional and effective waste management plan and this is where Wheelabrator has been helping them by processing almost all types of municipal waste, and wherever possible, turning that waste into renewable energy.

Various waste processing plants have different capacities; for instance if a plant can burn 1500 tonnes of municipal waste per day it has the capacity to generate more than 40,000 kW of renewable electricity that can light up almost 40,000 homes.

Wheelabrator is today one of the leading global innovators helping various gigantic corporations process their waste and turn it into renewable source of energy and electricity. Well-deservedly the company will be celebrating its 100 years of operations this year.

There is another cause for celebration inside the company and that is celebrating the persistent success of employee Artie Cole. His eight patents have made Wheelabrator what it is today. He joined the company 30 years ago as an entry-level maintenance mechanic and currently he is the vice president of the technical services division, proving beyond doubt that innovation and hard work always pays in a company that has its plans well laid out.

There are many ways corporations can dispose of their industrial waste such as using the landfills and incineration but these methods many often don’t work and even if they do they leave behind indelible footprints in the form of highly destructive pollutants whether on the land or in the water. Industrial waste disposal requires careful handling of the poisonous substances and Wheelabrator does it well. And it not only helps corporations deal with their industrial waste it also converts that waste into highly valuable energy source.

  • Eujal Nathan

    This is real good thing! getting energy out of wastes huge inavation.

  • Laxmi Nakarmi

    We are a conference organizer and we are managing a conference on Alternative Energy in Korea in late Feb. 2009. Reading your piece, I thought you could have tremendous opportunity in this vastly populate, waste-rich country–Korea. If you would like to make a presentation on your technology to Korean municipalities during the conference, we may be able to arrange a presentation. There will be no cost on your part. We will provide you with a hotel room and local transportation on our expense.
    Thank you for your attention,

    Laxmi Nakarmi

  • Adam

    Laxmi, you should direct your offer to instead of the journalist who wrote this article.

  • Rick Lanese

    What a great concept. To get rid of waste and create energy at the same time is amazing. Great information. Thanks a bunch. Rick L.

  • Richard

    Just imagine the impact if these were all around the world. What an incentive for cleaning up.

  • R

    I think converting waste to energy is a great way to produce alternative energy. If anyone is interested, you can visit for some links to videos on how Waste Management is creating energy from waste.
    Good day.

  • tooldtocare

    Biomediation seems to be the new frontier in energy management. Biomediation is an organic process where algae absorbs the co2 pollutant, gives off oxygen as a byproduct and then the algae is then turned into plastics and or burned as a fuel. When this process is perfected coal and natural gas will no longer be polluters.

    Bugs are used in a biomediation system

  • Jennifer

    A great news. Renewable energy is the major source of energy in coming future as the natural resources are decreasing day by day. Waste to energy methodology has dual benefits on one side it is reducing waste and energy is producing. If this technology can available at reasonable price then it is more beneficial.


  • triman

    There are currently around 85 waste to energy plants operating in the United States today. The lions share of the plants are located in the towns and cities that produce the most waste. That means there is less of a distance to truck the garbage, and the people that are generating the refuse are the same ones that use the electricity that is produced. Another power player in the waste to energy field is Covanta Energy.

  • nick montezon

    I like the concept of turning waste into energy, but isn’t burning garbage bad for the environment?

  • Manoj Gupta

    We am trying to short list a process/plant which can process unsorted Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) including plastic, metal, wood, concrete etc (i.e. UNSORTED WASTE) to electricity power. The plant capacity to be from 250 TPD (Tonnes per day) to 2000 TPD of MSW. We have done a though study of the plant offered by ZDWT AG (Germany). They have set up many plants in China and other countries. We are looking for a better technology which can give more energy out put. They are offering 7MW of electricity from 500 TPD of solid unsorted MSW. The plant should also adhere to the emission norms. The flue gases let out of the chimney should comply with Euro emission norms.

  • demostic

    It is very interesting to learn that the technology for converting waste to renewable energy has been since 1908. We are interested in knowing more about the different types of technology that can be used and the most cost efficient. Also, we would like to know how many plants there are in the world and which would be willing to work with us in Nigeria. We would visit your website and find out more about you


    I’ll give a dollar to anyone who can explain why
    Wheelabrator is a division of Waste Management.

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