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Feb 04

Alubond Solar Panels Could Save $70 Million

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Alubond Solar Panels People who want to use clean and green energy often complain about high costs of solar panels and even a longer breakeven period. So research teams and companies are constantly trying to improve upon the drawbacks of solar panels. Suntrof Systems LLC is bringing forth a new innovation in solar collector panels that could bring about savings of around $ 60-70 million and lessen the time for installation by around 5-7 months.

Suntrof Systems LLC is a US-based company which has effectively introduced an innovative solar panel. This will cut the costs of photovoltaic solar power generation by more than 50 per cent. They can write a new chapter of improved efficiency and lower production costs of solar energy globally.

We are also familiar with another drawback of solar energy i.e. area. Ronald Whelan, representative Suntrof Systems LLC, said an “area of 3 to 3.5 acres was required to generate 1 MW of electricity, while the life span of a solar plant is roughly thirty years.” Ronald declared that they are entering into partnership with Mulk Holdings, which produces the Alubond Solar Collector Panels (SCP).

How is this solar generator different from existing products available in the market? What are the main differentiators?

* Alubond Solar Collector Panels don’t use heavy mirrors. These weighty mirrors are replaced with Alubond solar collector panels, which are 4 times lighter than heavy mirrors and reduced metal sub structure by 300 percent. They are also trying to reduce the fear factor of consumers by offering a 20-year exterior performance warranty. Traditional solar troughs are made up of glass mirror weighing around 12.5 kg per sq m or single-skin aluminium with a high-reflective laminated film. These solar troughs need heavy support arrangements and many bolts. These two facts lessen the efficiency of the conventional solar panels.
* We already know that Alubond Solar Collector Panels are less costly than available solar generator products in the market. The solar trough system is expected to lower current costs of solar generation by more than 50 per cent.
* ABTI managing partner Khurram Nawab has designed the panel. This panel is developed in the UAE R&D (research and development) facilities of Alubond.

The patented SCPs were tested and selected for a $200 million-plus solar energy generation plant project in New Mexico City, US.

Nawab comments: “This is a great achievement for both our Middle Eastern and American offices. Our solar collector panels were chosen on the basis of the highest solar-to-electricity conversion efficiency, their ability to retain the parabola shape without extensive support frame work (critical in reflecting solar light to the focal point besides reducing the cost of the trough system), the robust after-sales support mechanisms that we offer our clients and the most comprehensive warranty coverage for a solar panel.”

“We also hope that the success of this project will lead to an upsurge in the development of more solar energy plants, which will not only lessen the strain on existing energy resources, but also severely reduce the pollution levels that are currently witnessed in power generation.”

  • Devindra

    How come no one has yet invented a turbine that works with compressed air and the power generated by the turbine can powered the compressor?

  • Tom

    Why not just invent a perpetual motion device while we’re at it.

  • Dylan

    Exactly. Efficiency cannot exceed 100%, so you will never get more energy from this turbine than you used in the compressor. Eventually, this machine will slow down and stop. Even if you had 100% efficiency within the system and the machine could power itself forever theoretically, the instant you add the load of turning a generator or something for external use you will be below 100% again.

    Please, o please don’t waste precious, unrecoverable CPU cycles in your brain trying to solve the world’s energy problems with machines this simple. I learned quickly that if a design was simple enough for ME to think of it, CERTAINLY a genius engineer somewhere has already thought of it, discarded the idea, and has since moved on to more promising technologies

  • Jon

    The article is interesting but does not mention the panels efficiency rating. 50% cheaper and 50% less efficient (when efficiency only averages 20% anyway) is not a bargain.

  • hsassoc

    Indeed Jon. Efficiency is the big thing here. Just been reading that the Germans have made a 41% efficient panel.

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