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Oct 05

2 New & Innovative Ocean Wave Energy Devices

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Ocean Wave Energy Ocean wave energy can be captured directly from surface waves. Blowing wind and pressure fluctuations below the surface are the main reasons for causing waves. But consistency of waves differs from one area of ocean to another. Some regions of oceans receive waves with enough uniformity and force. Ocean waves contain tremendous energy. Currently scientists and companies are considering exploiting the wave power of oceans to harness clean and green energy.

ANSYS Inc is a global trend setter of simulation software and technologies. Recently it has developed software that is assisting in converting the persistent forces of ocean waves into electricity. Green Ocean Energy Ltd is an Aberdeen based renewable energy company. Their mission is to create and innovate in the field of clean and green energy. They are developing mechanisms to harness energy from the Earth’s oceans. They are also focusing on other facts such as the economic viability and sustainability of their products.

Green Ocean Energy has produced two innovative devices – Ocean Treader and Wave Treader. These devices will move on the ocean surface in a manner as if someone is nodding, these up and down movements of the arms will help in generating power.

It is estimated that each machine will produce around 500KW of electrical power. This power can be transported to the shore with the aid of underwater cables. This amount of electricity can be utilized by about 125 homes. Wave power farms can be established to generate any required amount of power.

Ocean Treader is a floating device. It will be tied up 1 – 2 miles offshore in ocean wave systems. It will not pose any obstruction on the shoreline. The theory has been put to test in wave tank. Now the company is producing a full size machine for offshore testing.

Wave Treader has grown out of our work with Ocean Treader. Wave Treader uses its Sponsons and Arms and are mounted on the base of a static offshore structure. That structure can be a Wind Turbine or Tidal Turbine. By sharing the high infrastructure costs with another device, such as the foundation costs, cabling costs, etc., the economics of both devices are enhanced and the energy yield for a given sea area greatly improved.

Green Ocean Energy has receives a noteworthy boost to the development of its wave power technology after managing £100,000 of funding from the Scottish Enterprise Seed Fund. They have also secured £150,000 of private investment. Graeme Bell, Special Projects Director at Green Ocean Energy said: “We are delighted to receive this support from Scottish Enterprise. The funding will enable the company to take a major step forward and begin detailed engineering and design of a full scale Wave Treader. It’s been an exciting time for the company and we’re enjoying a fantastic level of interest in our activities.”

This financial support will enable the company to continue the engineering and testing of its ground breaking Wave Treader device. This device is affixed to the transition piece of an offshore wind turbine thereby providing combined wind and wave energy.

It is expected that manufacture of a full scale prototype will start next year once an appropriate site has been acknowledged with deployment in early 2011. Commercialization is expected to being in 2012.

  • Boneheaded1

    Not much new information in this story. This company/product development has been around for a little while.

    Similar in theory to a pelamis but a different design. Better? Maybe, but definitely cheaper. The pelamis was HUGE and required a lot of steel.

    Wave power is a great idea. I’d like to see it happen. However, the logistics of it are very capital intensive.

  • Rick Border

    Sounds like it could be a good way to produce energy, We just need the schools to re-train some of the Unemployed in these fields so they will be a viable option.

    If we do not have people who can to the maintenance or repairs it dose not do us any good.

    There should be school option that is similar to nursing and teaching for (the Green Field’s), this will help eliminate unemployment and train new people in field that they currently have no experience.

    The field has been Unable to get people in the field anyway so why not give the incentive to go into the field before it takes off.

  • Eric Spindler

    This has been available and once considered from way back in the late 1960’s! It’s about time we take advantage of non-polluting, *free* energy generation. Shut up oil companies’ voices and influence and get on the bandwagon! SOlar and wave energy do two things.
    1. It honestly creates jobs.
    2. It honestly provides renewable energy without pollution issues and radioactive waste problems.

    Let’s push for these solutions, America!

  • Greg Cimeno

    Eric there is only one problem yes they create jobs and make energy but they do not create enough energy to counteract the money and pollution it took to create and install these things.

  • Alida Cornelius

    I just don’t know how they will work in a category 5 hurricane, or a tsunami.

  • Jordan Hunter

    Greg, if the $ and resources we currently expend on fossil fuel energy are recouped, then the cost on both fronts is neutralized, no?

  • Andy Cipollo

    The Atlas Monetary International Trust and its subdivision Ground Electric Company is currently involved in oceanic solar collection which incorporates both wave energy as well as reflective power (solar thermal energy generating sources of electricity in collectors strategically placed slightly beneath the surface of the water).

  • Dutchie

    Why not unscaled sea nets, pulling on cables which wrap a generator. But, scaled up to have a half mile floating structure with huge water resistance. It would be dragged along by currents, high friction, and be pulled back in, after changing aqua-dynamics, at low resistance. Hold a plastic shopping bag opened in a stream, to get an idea of the potential. Or, just pulling the bag at its underside, it will be easily dragged in. A matter of alternating slack in 2 wires, and running/using a generator for the difference.

  • Jezreel Magbanua

    Anyway Greg in the future, hopefully, renewable energy will also supply the said manufacturer of that stuff for wave energy capture.

    I hope sharks won’t attack the long cable lines needed.

  • Piccinini Raoul

    One of the most interesting technologies, (for the production of energy from waves) uses a new project produced by K.I. Energy. The new system, product in Korea, (presented to “Korea Green Energy Show” in Seoul- October 13 – 16, 2009, based in Busan, Republic of Korea, a city of six million people, facing the Pacific Ocean), produces for 1 Kmq of the sea surface, or ocean, at least 1 GW or more, (instant, 24 GW per day, GW 8.760 – year), production equal to 1 nuclear reactor of a 1GW, operating at 100 % throughout the year, which produces 8.7 TW, but without the drawbacks of nuclear power. This new company does not sell systems, the company sell energy and can be contacted by governments or companies producing or distributing energy.

    Best regards, Piccinini G. Raoul.

  • Mark Lake

    We all know whats out there. The problem is not that there is no people to get involved, the problem is that the $5Billion spent on research every year is not being put to the right use… The force of the people is there, the money and the time… Lets just get it done !!!!

  • Dewatmoko

    @Alida: Neither an Oil Rigs or On-shore Hydrocarbon Refinery can withstand a tsunami. America need to be optimistic and supportive to any new approach to fulfill her energy needs, especially when the economic imbalances eliminates jobs (and extracting precious capital and put it some where else in the process).

  • Ron Brideau

    After you adsorb all the wave power and make it a sea of glass it might be a nice place to make a garden.

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